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31 Oct 2005 13:19 dreddnott

How depressing...
I was a huge XEvil fan back when it was still being developed - things just kind of trickled off after 2.02.r2 (available in the experimental builds folder on the XEvil developer's page at One of my friends is going to do some general updating to the code to modernise it, so who knows...

03 Feb 1999 20:41 hardts

XEvil Graphics and Network Play
Thanks for posting XEvil, Peter.

I just want to point out the two huge differences between XEvil 2.0 and XEvil 1.5, which currently ships with Red Hat and several other Linux distributions:

True client/server network play, including the ability to set up dedicated XEvil servers. is one such server.
Completely new, hi-resolution, full-color graphics, using XPM images. Double the resolution of XEvil 1.5, but with the option to play at the old resolution.

And, of course, there are new characters, weapons, items, and levels.


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