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XEmacs auf Deutsch

XEmacs auf Deutsch tries to provide a good introduction to XEmacs in the German language.


Recent releases

  •  15 Feb 2005 10:18

    Release Notes: This release contains fixes and additions for the LaTeX code and examples, the AUCTeX chapter, the PSGML chapter, the lisp introductionm and the JDE chapter. New chapters and sections (or parts thereof) were written for Gnus, self-defined key bindings, and how to fix a broken terminal emulation, and a general preface and thanks section were included.

    •  30 Nov 2004 14:03

      Release Notes: This release adds sections about speedbar, cperl-mode, the author's own modules, eshell, desktop.el file-variables, and recent-files/picklist. The existing sections were extended with screenshots, and some small issues were fixed. The license (FDL) was also added to the document.

      •  22 Nov 2004 11:58

        Release Notes: This release adds sample config files, a personal configuration setup, and fixes for some minor issues.

        •  19 Nov 2004 09:02

          Release Notes: This release presents more JDE, more AUCTeX, more content in the elisp-section, more goodies, a nicer PDF, and the beginning of index and references.

          •  15 Nov 2004 09:54

            Release Notes: This is the first version of a complete rewrite. After the XML- hype this is now back to LaTeX to become a fine handbook, printable (.ps), screen-readable (.pdf), and browsable (HTML export still to come). Most of the old content was moved, a good deal of new content was written. The old pages are still available.


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