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XdTV is a program to watch, record, and stream TV. It interacts with AleVT (Teletext) and Nxtvepg (NextView) and supports the bttv, bktr, and dvb APIs. It contains some deinterlacing filters and records video files with various containers (AVI, MPEG, Ogg, etc.) and many codecs: FFMpeg >=0.4.6, XviD 0.9 and 1.x, DivX 4 and 5, and Vorbis/Theora >=1.0a5. It has some plugin capabilities.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Feb 2007 05:54

    Release Notes: This release added full DVB-T support, an internal option to scan TV, the ability to configure a frequency offset, automatic detection of DVB cards, full record support, and the ability to stream a DVB flow in an AVI container with HTTP.

    •  09 Jul 2006 10:53

      Release Notes: This is the first DVB-T version. You can now switch from one channel to another, and you can look at channels through the "Channel Editor" GUI. The DVB-T initialization is always synchronized with the LinuxTV data. The DVB-T recording now works. You need the SDL and Curl libraries to use the DVB-T support.

      •  09 Jul 2006 10:51

        Release Notes: Major bugfixes were made. The "-respectnullsnd" switch was added to indicate if XdTV respects a null sound volume at startup. The "-setosd" switch was added to display your own XOSD sentence on the screen. The FFmpeg version was updated to the latest SVN one. A strict aliasing optimization was added. Some XdTV default parameters were updated. The wrong vbi offset value with kernel 2.6.16 and later was fixed. The libxdtv* libraries now load. The png support was fixed. A bug with the scrollbar and toggle translations were fixed.

        •  31 Mar 2006 21:36

          Release Notes: The XdTV tarball now contain the FFmpeg libraries. The script was fixed. Slackware support was improved. All the make and configuration scripts were updated.

          •  30 Jan 2006 20:50

            Release Notes: Support for multilanguage audio. Recording with various containers (AVI, MPEG, OGG, etc.). Support for many video and audio codecs. Two new GUIs for the advanced parameters of XviD and FFmpeg codecs. The streaming server is now compatible with the players Xine and VLC. 3 new languages: Polish, Russian, and Galician. A new "Carbone" skin. A new version of the French help. Many corrections and updates.


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