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XCruiser (formerly known as XCruise) is a filesystem visualization utility which compares a filesystem to a 3D-formed universe and allows you to "cruise" within it. It constructs a universe from directory trees, and you can navigate with a mouse.


Recent releases

  •  04 Feb 2003 11:09

    Release Notes: The code was almost entirely rewritten and now features Xt support, easy customization of button bindings, colors, and accelerators, keyboard support, and a new rendering algorithm (still incomplete). The monochrome mode was removed.

    •  22 Feb 2000 11:33

      Release Notes: Bugfixes to 0.23

      •  13 Jan 2000 08:20

        Release Notes: Initial freshmeat announcement.

        Recent comments

        04 Jul 2004 12:28 sdogi
        i have encountered problem with this file too... one

        solution is to comment out keyboard part, or delete

        this file.. it's not just that brake problem that's under

        bugs tracker... i mean, when i set brake to right value

        mouse interaction works put when i press random

        button... maby "o", or "alt" then it goes to segfault

        again. i didn't find out how to open/exec files too... if

        it's really starting files like exec "open <file>" then

        it's wrong, but i don't think that it's so dumb

        problem... anyway, this project is really great, waiting

        for new features :)

        04 Feb 2003 07:51 ccat

        something wrong
        When the program starts, my spacecraft lauches off to the segfault nebula.

        Seriously, there must be something wrong with the controls. I have suse 8.1 and the controls are broken. It just flies away until crashed:(

        26 Feb 2000 22:23 zsazsa

        Actually useful!
        I've used this program to demonstrate how the Linux/Unix filesystem generally works.. it's good for those who can't get the concept of symlinks or what the /dev or /etc directories are for, etc.

        26 Feb 2000 14:32 voodoochild

        In Total Agreement!!!
        A fantastic program which is amazingly easy to use. I love the way symlinked files are actually physically linked together - take a look at /usr/lib! It would be great if the "planets" could be selected for some form of file management (view properties, rename, delete, etc...) perhaps with some kind of aircraft style targeting system:-)

        23 Feb 2000 13:38 tomberger

        Now this is one cool app...
        Entirely useless but absolutely amazing. Point this at /dev! Wow, you'll never need LSD in front of your Linux box again ;-).


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