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26 May 2000 11:22 gaelyne

Top Notch
After going through nearly every mail client in Freshmeat, Dave Central,
Linuxberg, etc., I found XC-mail. The only thing I haven't found in it is a means to use an external editor, but it's only been a day and I haven't been through all the options yet, so it may be in there too.

Mainly, I'm posting this comment to say:

Finally, an Email client for X that works well, is fast, uses local mail folders and doesn't waste my time. Hats off to the developers!

05 May 2000 08:53 schmitzj

XCmail still needs some work - which needs people. If you want to help us have a look on the XCmail homepage.

If you know someone to help us let him know.

05 May 2000 08:50 schmitzj

Online documentation project
We are going to create a new manual for XCmail. Online!

For this I have created some web forms and a database where everyone can write his own text (or replace or add a hint).

Help creating this! Have a look on the XCmail homepage.

13 Dec 1999 07:21 saaib

XCmail is now available as an RPM file (optimized for 586 machines). Enjoy ! ;-)

10 Dec 1999 22:39 cfreeze

Here is what I have sent to my dev team and to the dev team of XCMail
Hello, my name as you can see is Chris Freeze. Currently I am running the operations over here at XFMail. I noticed on your last post to freshmeat that you are pretty much working alone and are looking for help with XCMail's development. What I want to present to you is a proposition. Both of us want the same thing. A good email client. I like alot of the design issues that you have started in XCMail, and I am working hard on XFMail's future with rewriting the core. Let's stop trying to compete with one another and focus our efforts together. With some of your ideas for indexing and plugin support with XFMail's feature base and multi-unix use we could get a new project going. We are currently both re-writing the core and switching our GUI over to Gtk under the codename Archimedes. I would really hope that you give my proposition some thought. If you choose not to allie yourself with me I will hold no ill will toward you. I just feel that the combined effort would give the Linux and more importantly the Unix community a superb email client.

23 Mar 1999 01:02 schmitzj

XCmail 0.99.7 and up works on glibc


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