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25 Jun 2009 16:14 ecommweb

SEO friendly, we always find our new sites turning up in Google within a couple of weeks, before we have time to SEO them!

05 Jun 2009 13:18 Lesya

x-cart is paid platform that is being chosen more frequently than many free ones. People are ready to pay for quality. If you want to join the team of x-cart users you may try web service cart2cart - it will automate your migration to x-cart. (

02 Apr 2009 09:55 xcart


X-Cart 4.2 version does actually have CSS-based layout and is no longer table-based. There are other notable SEO features available there. Now it also support Google Analytics right out-of-the-box.

23 Jun 2008 13:52 KimberlyMon

X-cart is widely used and quite convenient, it's out of the question.

But after its installation still modifications are needed. One of issues is the necessity to add X-AOM at once. Its functions are essential for any shopping cart.

Wouldn't it be more comfortable to add this module to standard functionality?



07 Feb 2008 04:12 limburg

Re: Join the unofficial X-Cart Yahoo Group

> yes thats a good thing

> now.. Joining...

07 Dec 2007 08:36 ryanM2

X-Cart Google Analytics

We are trying to install the conversion tracking aspect of Google analytics to one of our e-commerce sites.

The problem that we are encountering is that we cannot find the appropriate X-Cart variables to put into the Google code.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


07 Nov 2007 08:45 Crungmungus

Fast Lane Checkout
Did anyone get around the noted issue of FLC not allowing for anonymous purchases (not having to register to buy) ?

I've contacted support but not had much out of them (yet). One thing people should note is that the default templates that come with xcart are table-based layouts. If you want to drop an XHTML/CSS layout on top you might find it extremely time consuming because the templates are extremely fragmented.

Another note, I found that in order for this software to work with PHP5 I had to enable (the now disused) long variables i.e. HTTP_POST_VARS and so on in my php.ini. Not always an option when you're on a shared host. Has anyone else had this problem or am I just on an older version?

14 Jun 2007 15:29 si1th

I have been using X-cart for 1 year now. I have found it to be a pretty strong shopping cart software package.

The staff have been helpful in customising various aspects to suit out business model.

Customising the store software can range from easy to difficult, and a knowledge of PHP, smarty is required if you want to change anything other than the look of the website.

17 May 2007 15:52 militaryaf21

We have been using X-Cart for a few months now. I am trying to launch a new site with it (info is classified for the time being i will let you know when it is ready). X-Cart is fantastic, but I am having a problem with one little add-on.

X-Configurator, probably the most confusing add0on I ever ran into. I have been examining this manual through and through. It does support Assembly Items (for those Microsoft RMS users) but our integrator (Web Integrator if you are curious, pay a lot of money to complain how much it sucks) does not read them. If anyone uses Web Integrator 2.3.1 or older, please help me. If anyone is an expert on X-Configurator, email me ASAP. I am stuck and am trying to dig my way out.

Sorry about the whole "help me" situation, but I feel like you guys know what to do.

13 Mar 2007 10:24 shwekhaw
I asked X-cart team to help my website with google checkout custom module. It is fuctioning well and exceeds my expectation. Designer was very patient with small little things I asked him to change to make things perfect. If you know what you need, X-cart team is best option to get what you want at very low cost and best result. This is not first project I worked with them and everything in the past was great as well.


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