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XBlast is a multi-player arcade game for X11 and MS Windows with raytraced graphics. The game can be played with at least two players and up to six players. It was inspired by the video/computer game Bomberman (Dynablaster).


Recent releases

  •  17 Jun 2006 10:51

    Release Notes: This release features a first addition of an SDL build with internationalization support, and a number of bugfixes and code cleanups in the X11 code. The X11 code is still the encouraged version.

    •  18 Apr 2005 15:29

      Release Notes: The network code was stress-tested. Problems with SMPF, memory leaks, and double-free were fixed.

      •  01 Feb 2005 18:46

        Release Notes: The most obvious new features are XILE (XBlast Integrated Level Editor) and the Chat features, as well as background music.

        •  11 Aug 2004 13:13

          Release Notes: A lot of changes were made since 2.9.14, including bugfixes (for a severe async problem with the central server), code cleanups, and some new and improved features. The package is now split up into different sections, which can be more easily updated at various times. Almost all of them are necessary, except for the sounds and the levels. Without the levels, only playing as a client will be possible.

          •  23 Apr 2004 17:50

            Release Notes: The TNT branch started as a client/server XBlast rewrite by the original author (Original TNT). Since then, it was continuously improved by different contributors (Enhanced TNT) and the features of the "Enhanced 2.6 (EPFL)" version were merged into it too. Compared to the original XBlast, this version offers many more levels, more bombs and extras, an optional central game play server, a high-score system, and Laola & Looser animations for the characters.


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