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18 Feb 2012 17:21 acoopersmith

X.Org has taken over maintainership of Xaw3d since D.J. Hawkey's passing. The 1.6 release was the first made by X.Org: and a 1.6.1 bugfix followup has been made as well:

26 Jun 2005 13:32 lunaryn

Xaw3d 1.5E build problem
Under a newly built X11R6.8.2 (built as specified at, imake generates a Makefile with no build commands; make does nothing and make install only installs headers. I have attempted building both within and outside the X11R6 source tree.

09 Mar 2003 12:16 sigra

What I had to do to build Xaw3d-1.5
This it what I had to do to build Xaw3d-1.5:
1. Execute "ln -s lib X11" in the xc directory.
2. Remove the follwing lines from XawI18n.h:
#include <wctype.h>
#include <widec.h>
#define wcslen(c) wslen(c)
#define wcscpy(d,s) wscpy(d,s)
#define wcsncpy(d,s,l) wsncpy(d,s,l)

3. Follow the instructions in README.XAW3D.


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