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IBM 3270 Terminal Applications Suite

The IBM 3270 Terminal Applications suite consists of seven applications. x3270 is an IBM 3278/3279 Terminal Emulator for the X Window System. c3270 is a curses-based 3278/3279 emulator. wc3270 is the Windows console version of c3270. s3270 is a script-based screen-scraping application for IBM hosts. tcl3270 is a Tcl- or Extended Tcl-based IBM host screen-scraping language. pr3287 is an IBM 3287 printer emulator, which can be invoked from x3270 or c3270, or can run standalone as a daemon. wpr3287 is the Windows version of pr3287. x3270, c3270, wc3270, s3270 and tcl3270 can emulate a color (3279) or monochrome (3278) terminal. They implement the TN3270E protocol, support IND$FILE file transfer, printing via 3287 emulation, and multiple host character sets (including non-Latin sets and DBCS Chinese and Japanese).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Jun 2007 02:32

    Release Notes: Proxy support was added. 3270 background color was added to c3270 and wc3270. Numerous small bugs were fixed.

    •  01 May 2002 22:42

      Release Notes: This release will allow CR/LR conversion on binary file transfers. Support for ISO_BackTab and EuroSign keysyms, bold Euro fonts, Darwin (Mac OS X) support, a Toggle action, a crosshair cursor, and support for automatic printer sessions have been added. CR/LF expansion, FF passthrough, and FF suppression have been added to pr3287. This release includes all bugfixes from 3.2.18p15. LU name has been added to the status line.

      •  01 Jan 2002 07:56

        Release Notes: The Euro currency symbol is now supported in the 3270 fonts and character set definitions. Support for non-latin-1 fonts was improved. Trace files can now have size limits. Many bugs have been fixed.

        •  17 Sep 2001 18:12

          Release Notes: Changing the feature-disable logic to use configure options, changing install directories to be consistent with other x3270 applications, DESTDIR support, removal of the manual xmkmf build step, numerous bugfixes, support for non-Latin-1 fonts and many new character sets, and support for mode-specific (3270 or NVT) keymap definitions.


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