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08 Apr 2006 09:08 karvinen

Security with SSH
For security, you should use SSH to encrypt connection. You would not use 'telnet' to connect to remote computer either.

$ ssh -X "x2x -west -to :0." &

More detailed explanation:

13 Nov 2003 13:32 chaiken

new release: 1.30 beta
Mark Hayter got x2x working under cygwin,
eliminating the need to buy a Windows X server
when forwarding from a Wintel machine.

Thanks to Thomas Chadwick for releasing Mark's
code as cygwin package x2x-1.30-1.

I think that the next step for x2x is to contact
Debian to see if we can't unite the cygwin and
debian versions of x2x.

21 Aug 2003 10:47 chaiken

x2x-related links
Here are some x2x-related hyperlinks:

Debian package

Cygwin package announcement

Cygwin package update (x2x-1.27-2)

I have contacted Thomas Chadwick, the Cygwin x2x maintainer, to see if he wants to continue developing x2x.

21 Aug 2003 10:30 chaiken

hacking x2x again
After a number of requests and for my own use,
I'd like to get x2x working better with cygwin.

Since I wrote x2x, I've received a number
of contributions and requests for x2x. If time
permits, I'll merge in some of them.


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