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x2vnc is an implementation of the VNC RFB protocol designed to control a machine running a VNC server in a dual-monitor situation. Its effect is to make the controlled machine's display function as if attached to the controlling machine, allowing the use of just one set of input devices on two or more machines.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  14 Jun 2006 06:04

    Release Notes: A couple of major bugs in the DGA code were fixed.

    •  21 May 2006 08:18

      Release Notes: The program now reconnects automatically. A new input capture method was added, which handles odd screen sizes better. The -tunnel and -via options were added for automatic SSH tunneling. Further fixes were made for cut'n'paste, so it should now work with Java and on 64-bit platforms. Randr support allows x2vnc to detect when the screen is rotated.

      •  28 Aug 2004 05:06

        Release Notes: A patch that fixed cut and paste for Java (and other) applications was included and a bug in -navhack was fixed.

        •  27 Nov 2003 04:40

          Release Notes: Some patches from Grant McDorman were added to allow proper cut'n'paste between x2vnc and Konsole or gnome-terminal. $DESTDIR is honored to make packaging easier. A workaround was added to make cut'n'paste work better with old VNC servers. Since all new VNC servers already support wheel emulation themseleves, x2vnc doesn't translate wheel events to arrow up/down anymore unless -wheelhack is specified. The -navhack option was added, which is similar to -wheelhack, except it translates button 6 and 7 to Alt+Left/Right. The -debug option was added to debug key events. "-edgewidth 0" may be used to turn off edge-flipping.

          •  23 Feb 2003 09:16

            Release Notes: This version now traps grabkey errors. Xinerama support allows x2vnc to work sanely on multi-head X displays. If stdin is not a TTY, it now reads password with gets() instead of getpass(). This allows scripts to feed in the password. New arguments -noblank and -lockdelay allow users to keep screen savers from activating while using their computers.

            Recent comments

            03 Nov 2006 22:38 x2vnckarthik

            can you send the x2vnc working operations
            i have downloaded the files and i can't run the program correctly. so i would like to reinstall the program. so any one can send me the details of what are the fies needed,where have to install,compilation methods,execution methods,and so on in a sequence manner.
            it means i need the full details of x2vnc client manual.

            18 Sep 2002 12:28 tikiman

            This is a very cool hack! I had been dealing with two keyboards and mice for months, but no longer. Anyone with both a windows and a linux box *must* get this program now.

            22 Nov 2001 00:51 hubbe

            Re: Anyone know if there is a Windows Binary anywhere?

            > Anyone know if there is a Windows Binary
            > anywhere?

            Yes there is:

            25 Oct 2001 15:38 ironwolve

            Anyone know if there is a Windows Binary anywhere?
            Anyone know if there is a Windows Binary anywhere?


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