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X11::GUITest is a Perl package intended to facilitate the testing of GUI applications by means of user emulation. It can be used to test and interact with GUI applications which have been built in some fashion (X toolkit, GTK+, Qt, Motif, etc.) upon the X library.


Recent releases

  •  21 May 2011 15:29

    Release Notes: The IsWindowCursor() function was added to determine if a given window has the specified cursor. Support for mouse wheel scrolling was added. The WaitSeconds() function was added for providing delay. Various recorder enhancements were made (new command line options, more accuracy).

    •  25 Apr 2011 03:44

      Release Notes: Initial support for recording scripts was added. The documentation was updated.

      •  07 Jan 2011 02:54

        Release Notes: German AltGr keyboard modifier support was added. New example scripts were added. A minor compiler warning was fixed. Support for CPAN automated testing environments was improved.

        •  18 May 2006 12:44

          Release Notes: GetWindowPos() now returns the border width and screen number of the given window. Patches for Xvfb compatibilities were applied (so ALT_L can fall back to META_L). The "#" modifier short-cut was added for META_Left key. Xserver jams encountered when using Exceed were corrected for Microsoft Windows. Various functions can now work under multiple-screens during runtime. Key sending issues with Xinerama and the XTest extension can now be alleviated by compiling with X11_GUITEST_USING_XINERAMA defined in Makefile.PL.

          •  14 Feb 2004 18:35

            Release Notes: This release has been made to provide support for HP-UX 11 and related OSes. Documentation updates have been made.


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