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X11, or X, is a vendor-neutral, system-architecture neutral network-transparent window system and user interface standard. In other words, it's a GUI for UNIX. X can use your network -- you may run CPU-intensive programs on high powered workstations and display the user interface (the windows) on inexpensive desktop machines.


Recent releases

  •  09 Jun 2012 06:00

    Release Notes: This release incorporates both new features and stability and correctness fixes, including support for reporting multi-touch events from touchpads and touchscreens which can report input from more than one finger at a time, smoother scrolling from scroll wheels, better cross referencing and formatting of the documentation, pointer barriers to control cursor movement, and synchronization fences to coordinate between X and other rendering engines such as OpenGL.

    •  14 Jan 2011 21:11

      Release Notes: Xorg configuration directories are used to allow fragments of the X server configuration to be delivered in individual files, such as InputClass directives for input devices. udev is now used by the X server on Linux systems for input device discovery and hot-plug notification. Other platforms continue to use the HAL framework for these tasks for now. XCB is now included in the katamari, and is required by several client-side modules, including libX11, xlsatoms, xlsclients, and xwininfo. Major progress has been made on the X.Org Documentation modernization.

      •  15 Nov 2009 19:34

        Release Notes: Support was added for Multi-Pointer X (MPX), for input device properties, for X Input Extension version 2.0 (XI2), and for predictable pointer acceleration. The Resize, Rotate, and Reflect Extension (RANDR) version 1.3 adds projective transforms and reintroduces panning. Several video and input driver enhancements were made. Bugs were fixed.

        •  09 Mar 2009 15:53

          Release Notes: The Xorg server now supports faster startup and shutdown, EDID 1.4, Secure RPC authentication, GLX and DRI passthrough support for Xephyr, smarter autoconfiguration, and more. The PCI bus scanning/accessing code was replaced with libpciaccess. Many stability and completeness fixes were made for the evdev input driver; it should work out of the box with a large range of devices. Support for ATI r5xx/r6xx/r7xx (RadeonHD 1xxx/2xxx/3xxx) devices was added, including full RandR 1.2 support, and textured video for r5xx. Many other modifications and fixes were made.

          •  08 Sep 2007 10:32

            Release Notes: The server was updated to 1.4, which features RandR 1.2 with output hot-plugging, on-the-fly output reconfiguration, and mode switching. Support was also added for input hot-plugging through HAL or dbus, with enhanced support for touch screens and tablets. An xbacklight utility was added for controlling laptop background illumination. The EXA framework was improved. Drivers were added for Vermilion and Glide, supporting 1st and 2nd generation Voodoo cards. Support was added for font catalog directories in the font path. DTrace support was added for OpenSolaris.

            Recent comments

            09 Apr 2004 10:50 cjthompson

            What's the point in using it anyway?
            It doesn't offer nothing over XFree86 except updated libraries that any vendor couldn't have done themselves. For now I think it's just vaporware. Just exists for some copyright issues. I think all these people should use their time implementing for example 2D/3D context switching in X so

            that I could finally play games with my 3DFX rather than endlessly bitching about copyrights and the "holy GPL."

            09 Apr 2004 09:53 fallibledragon

            Re: X and Xfree!

            > Do not install this over XF86. it's not
            > designed for that. In a few months,
            > will have it as part of 4.0
            > and then it will work properly.
            > This does not come with any drivers for
            > video cards.

            Nope, that's how it USED to work. Now,
            this is
            pretty much the whole shebang. A quick look
            at the release notes will confirm the existence
            of drivers.

            But for anyone who's unsure, don't worry
            every major distro is will be packaging this
            soon enough anyway :)

            24 Aug 2000 14:49 loftwyr

            X and Xfree!
            Do not install this over XF86. it's not designed for that. In a few months, will have it as part of 4.0 and then it will work properly.

            This does not come with any drivers for video cards.


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