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x10ephem computes sunrise and sunset times. It consists of a library and an assortment of utilities. The most useful utility is x10events, which parses crontab files and updates the time fields to track sun events. Combined with an X10 interface like HEYU or X10, this allows the scheduling of lighting events to follow the changing seasons and daylight savings time automatically. This application does not depend on X10; it can be used for any crontab entry you like.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jan 2002 18:18

    Release Notes: A fix for a dropped zero mean in the presence of non-zero variable, and cleanups to -pedantic warnings.

    •  14 Jan 2002 04:03

      Release Notes: This release adds randomized events and hh:mm time format. It will preserve comment lines, preserve day, month, and dow crontab fields, and has better crontab interoperation.

      •  02 Nov 1999 21:56

        Release Notes: Minor bug fixes and additional documentation.

        •  11 Oct 1999 13:54

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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