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X-Tract is an XML Script processor. XML Script is a fully XML compliant language, specifically designed for handling XML data. XML Script is more powerful than XSL, and can perform many XSL functions more efficiently. X-Tract can be used on the command line, or can be run from a web server to handle CGI queries.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Feb 2000 18:39

    Release Notes: Updates and bugfixes, a new command _clearmethod for removing method associations, new functions region() and replace() to add significant functionality, and further added functions and documentation improvements.

    •  26 Jan 2000 13:19

      Release Notes: Wide-ranging overhaul of the XML Script language, which fixes lots of problems with the old behaviour. Version 1.1 is not entirely backward compatible with 1.0, but an upgrade-howto is provided. Main new features include a 30% speed increase(Apache XML parser), the interpolation syntax being cleaned up and extended, attribute inheritance explicit and optional, optional pass-by-value on templates allowing cleaner code and less global variables, an overhaul of the _data and _eval commands giving better dynamic code and data, documentation improvements, and more warnings to help debugging.

      •  21 Oct 1999 14:30

        Release Notes: This is a bugfix release which includes enhancements to the documentation, better date handling, and other fixes.

        •  08 Sep 1999 19:58

          Release Notes: Build 320 contains new POP mailing scripts, that mail an echo server to ensure successful installation, and a search engine written in XML Script to search the documentation included with the release. It also has more powerful command-line options, plus new syntax specifiers, commands and improvements to socket, CGI and CSV-data handling.

          •  23 Aug 1999 23:03

            Release Notes: Now uses LT-XML version 1.1, which includes various improvements over the 1.0 release. Several new functions, and assorted bug-fixes have been issued as well as significant improvements in performance and reduced memory overhead. See ReleaseNotes for full details.


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