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wzdftpd is designed to be a small, efficient, and highly modular/configurable FTP server for various platforms including Linux and Windows. The server is RFC compliant, multi-threaded and can be configured entirely online using SITE commands. You can write your own extensions to the server in your choice of language, extending on existing MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Tcl, Perl, PAM, and SFV plugins. Features include IPv6, TLS/SSL, UTF8, ACLs, VFS, events, scripting, plugins, job scheduler, bandwidth limitations, credits/sections, group administration, and customizable logging.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Oct 2007 14:37

    Release Notes: A remote denial of service (DoS) has been fixed, which was caused by an off-by-one error in the login sequence, and could lead to a server crash. Other bugs have been fixed in the SSL/TLS code, and compatibility between GnuTLS and OpenSSL has been improved.

    •  09 Jul 2007 18:24

      Release Notes: This version features a brand new installer for the Windows platform, a new SQLite backend, and many other features and bugfixes.

      •  11 Dec 2006 00:05

        Release Notes: The most important change is the migration to cmake (although it is not mandatory; autoconf is still supported). Some bugs were fixed to avoid problems with data connection on timeout, or when a file is overwritten by a smaller one. This release adds support for BNC (using IDNT) and events WIPE and PREWIPE.

        •  24 Sep 2006 18:55

          Release Notes: New events have been added (WIPE and PREMKDIR), and the scripts are now able to deny a transfer. Users and groups management has been rewritten and enhanced. SQL backends support auto- reconnection if interrupted. Many bugs were fixed, particularly for the MLSD and SITE vars commands. The documentation has been removed from the package, and is now located on the wiki.

          •  30 May 2006 18:40

            Release Notes: This release allows the MySQL backend to auto-reconnect to the server, shows VFS entries in MLSD, and fixes some bugs when changing the IP/password/name for users or groups.


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