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Wyrm Tools is a suite of tools for any RPG system. The core functionality of the platform includes a robust asset management system and a character generator/editor. Users can use it to create their own game systems, tools, data formats, etc.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Jul 2007 06:08

    Release Notes: This release focused on implementing support for prepared spells in the d20 game system plugin. Scripts were added to all SRD classes reflecting the number of daily spell slots a character receives at each level. The d20 character editor Spells page now has a functional Prepared Spells tab that allows you to allocate your available spell slots based on the contents of your known spell list. A few other minor enhancements related to spellcasters were added to the character editor. The Dice Bag tool plugin now has support for working with multiple Dice Bags.

    •  11 Jun 2007 04:50

      Release Notes: The d20 character element now has support for known spell lists. A character's known spells can be edited on the newly-enabled Spells page of the character editor. Several bugs have been fixed. On the architecture front, the Wyrm Tools metamodel has been included in the product, which will be of interest to developers looking to extend Wyrm Tools in ways not envisioned by the core development team.

      •  28 Apr 2007 08:00

        Release Notes: This release focused on the addition of spell, domain, and school elements to the d20 plugin. All spells, domains, and schools now have their full SRD description (including all tables). Integration of spells with the character editor will be in a forthcoming release. A few minor improvements were made to the feat editor in relation to minimum ability score prerequisites.

        •  19 Mar 2007 03:28

          Release Notes: Using the Apache FOP package, this release supports printing directly to PCL- and PostScript-based printers, as well as printing to PDF files. Only the d20 character element supports printing at this time, and then to only a limited extent, but future releases are expected to continually add to the printed information. All d20 races and classes now have their full SRD description (including all tables). Replaceable rules have been introduced to define how much a d20 skill costs a character at each level, as well as the maximum skill rank a character can have in that skill.

          •  07 Feb 2007 07:45

            Release Notes: All d20 feats now have their full SRD description (including all tables), which is displayed in the Summary view when a feat is selected in any other window. Skills have been refined to introduce the concept of composite and component skills, also known as subskills. The SRD skills Craft, Knowledge, Perform, Profession, and Speak Language have been updated to be represented as composites. The Dice Bag tool plugin now supports user-defined variables. You can define your own important quantities and use them in your dice roll expressions as usual.


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