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wyoEditor is a cross-platform editor based on the Scintilla editor component. The editor has the usual features like fast editing, unlimited undo/redo, syntax colouring, and folding for many different programming languages. It also has a class browser, currently only for C++, and keeps the class/function display updated. The editor allows editing of files in tabbed notebook pages and/or separate top level windows. It supports context-sensitive help of any kind of documentation (e.g. programming framework descriptions) if provided as help files. The editor conforms to the wyoGuide guidelines using the wxWidgets framework.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Aug 2005 10:35

    Release Notes: wxScintilla was updated to 1.65.0. A small change was made in the default fixed font detection.

    •  02 Jul 2005 19:35

      Release Notes: This is an update to wxScintilla 1.64.0 and has the superb new sticky position handling of the caret.

      •  23 Apr 2005 00:25

        Release Notes: The help and localization files were reworked again. "Find previous" has finally been added, as well as some other options. Application information (About ...) has been overhauled, and some minor bugs have been fixed. wxScintilla has been updated to Scintilla 1.63.

        •  23 Mar 2005 07:15

          Release Notes: A rather seldom crash during exit was discovered and fixed. Some text corrections were made because of the wyoGuide name change.

          •  04 Mar 2005 22:15

            Release Notes: More Unicode problems have been fixed, and it builds correctly in Unicode mode. A loop lock in the C++ class browser when "void main(" was the last text in the buffer has been fixed. A missing menu enabler for "Show ..." menu entries under GTK has been added. The preferences for "Convert to spaces/tabs" have been reenabled.


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