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24 Mar 2003 15:08 shiflett

Re: Hold your horses...

Actually, it says "There are 2 users currently online" when there are two users online. The number of users online is not the same thing as the number of registered members logged in. It does not display that statistic, though it does show you how many registered members there are total. That can't be classified as a bug. :-) Of course, this is also not the place to report bugs anyway...

I also doubt it was a bug that you cannot log in as two separate users with the same browser. Multiple windows of the same browser share the same session, so logging out/in as another user in one cannot preserve your session in another. This has nothing to do with this forum, however.

If you do find any bugs, I encourage you to report them to (

24 Mar 2003 14:19 ErikJson

Hold your horses...
Sure, it looks kind of neat. But it doesn't seem to work very well.

It displays the number of users currently logged in incorrectly. The first time I tested it I logged in and saw "There are 2 users logged in". Now I see "There are 3 users currently online". I have only created two accounts. Hm?

"Well well... Maybe just a small bug" I thought. I tried to write a message from one of the users to the other one. I sent it and went to read it from the other account. Now that account suddenly was logged out. Huh? I logged in 30 seconds ago...

I logged in and got the message. When I replied to it, the reply landed in some kind of forum for my inbox and the user that I though would get the ___reply___ didn't get anything. Eh?

Maybe I'm totally clueless but this thing doesn't seem either intuitive nor fully functional... But it looks good. =)

09 Mar 2003 13:48 Elocin

Re: Finally, a well-displayed forum
Absolutely incredible! Your hard work paid off, and looks amazing. Its very functional, clean looking, and blonde friendly. Good job!!

26 May 2002 23:28 shiflett

Re: Wonderful Software - Best Forum
Thanks for the support.

The installation system will be Web-based when completed, and it will hopefully ease all the pains of the current method of installation. I wanted to release the forum prior to it reaching version 1.0.0 simply because I think it is quite complete and useful as it is, and many people have expressed how much they prefer it over other forum software packages.

Once we reach version 1.0.0, there should be friendly Web-based installation, Web-based administration, and a few other notable features. However, I plan to keep the software itself as lean as possible, so there won't be a lot of bloated (unnecessary and useless) features complicating the interface and slowing down the forum. This is one of the biggest advantages WWW Forum currently has over other forum software packages, so I hope to keep it's simple and efficient qualities second to none.

Until we reach version 1.0.0, I only recommend WWW Forum for developers and experienced users.

26 May 2002 23:12 jensadrio

Wonderful Software - Best Forum
This forum is the best I have seen. My thanks to you for creating the fast and simple interface. Finally, a forum that is friendly to the users and still full of the necessary things. I look forward to the installation system. The only bad thing is that it requires shell access to be able to install.

Overall, great job. Thank for job well done.

24 May 2002 13:15 rialluswndgst

The Best Forum I've Ever Seen!
This piece of work definitely pays tribute to the brilliant (or sadistic) mind behind it. Extraordinarily versatile and user-friendly.

24 May 2002 01:40 thumbs1

Finally, a forum that is intuitive and easy to use!

24 May 2002 01:26 Kungfusion

What can I say except: Wow!

Fast, clean, and easy to use -- what more could you ask for?

23 May 2002 23:45 realityrender

well done
the speed of this forum is the most attractive feature. the code appears very smooth and comprehensive. the interface is simple and clear--very user friendly and fun to use!

23 May 2002 21:52 shicki

Finally, a well-displayed forum
This forum is the cleanest I've seen. It's easy to keep track of the hot topics. It's easy to read the subjects. It's freaking fast!


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