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WWW::SMS is a Perl high-level module to send SMS via free websites that offer this service. It is shipped with submodules, one for each usable gateway.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Apr 2003 00:18

    Release Notes: New account support and core code cleanups.

    •  03 Nov 2002 20:44

      Release Notes: The eimSMS code was rewritten from scratch. It now uses an external gateway library called WWW-SMS. It has a built in WWW-SMS library update function to get new gateways, the ability to fetch messages from STDIN, personal and system wide phonebook support, personal and system wide configuration file support, a man page, text documentation, and a new Web site.

      •  08 Jan 2002 17:28

        Release Notes: The eimSMS_frag Perl script was written. This script splits the message to be sent into 130 single messages and sends them via eimSMS. A big change was made to the structural organization of the program. Verbose debugging mode was improved. The user interface during processing is now clearer. Symlink installation under Linux was improved. The syntax check for correct parameters was improved. This version was tested successfully under MS-DOS with Activestate Perl. A short MS-DOS installation guide was written. The Perl scripts were moved to the eimsms/bin directory.

        •  08 Jan 2002 17:15

          Release Notes: eimSMS was rewritten in HASHed Database mode. All information about gateways is now stored in an external database called eimSMS is now able to automatically switch gateways whenever one doesn't correctly deliver the SMS. The Makefile installs the database in /usr/local/lib/eimsms/database. Installation is now done with "make install", and "make uninstall" can be used to uninstall eimSMS. A symlink was created from /usr/local/bin/eimsms to /usr/local/bin/ A decent INSTALL document was written.

          •  08 Jan 2002 17:11

            Release Notes: The program was modularized. The module path was changed to /usr/local/lib/eimsms/modules/. The Makefile now installs eimsms in /usr/local/bin/ and modules in /usr/local/lib/eimsms/modules/. Some changes in were made to the user interface.


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