wv (formerly known as MSWordView or wvware) is a library and set of command-line programs that understands the Microsoft Word 2000, 97, 95, and 6 file formats (".doc"). It is able to convert Word documents into HTML (wvHtml), Abiword (wvAbw), plain text (wvText), RTF, PostScript, PDF, and other formats.


Recent releases

  •  05 Nov 2003 22:02

    Release Notes: To keep up the long tradition of broken .0 releases, wv2-0.2 refused to compile on gcc 2.95.x. This has been fixed. If you are using gcc 3.x you won't have to update as there are no functional differences.

    •  05 Nov 2003 14:20

      Release Notes: The target of this release was to have a polished wv2 version for the upcoming KOffice 1.3 final. The most important bugfixes compared to version 0.1.9 are list related. Word 8 compatibility lists are now correctly handled, even if the document doesn't contain any native Word 8 lists. Additionally, the Word 6/7 list CRC sums are correctly calculated. All other changes have insignificant impact for users.

      •  01 Sep 2003 13:48

        Release Notes: This is the first bugfix release since support for Word 6 and Word 7 documents has been introduced. The list handling for Word 8 files has been fixed, and support for Word 6 and Word 7 style lists has been added. To make wv2 less noisy in production, the configure flag --disable-debug has been added, which disables almost all output. Additionally, wv2 now recovers as much text as possible from documents using undefined characters of the CP12xy codepages.

        •  07 Aug 2003 18:34

          Release Notes: This release contains a number of bugfixes and clean-ups in the Word 6/7 code. It's suggested to use this version for the upcoming KOffice 1.3 beta 3.

          •  31 Jul 2003 14:07

            Release Notes: Support for MS Word 6 and MS Word 7 (a.k.a. MS Word 95) documents has been added to the library. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            11 Nov 2009 06:35 ramakrishnnakt

            i want to convert a word document or PDF into a HTML document with the same formatting. that should be able to run from command line as well integrate it with a web page
            how is wvWare is suitable for my ubundu system. how to use it


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