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The Wurld 3D Engine

Wurld is yet another free 3D gaming engine. It is light, fast, has minimal external requirements, and is still very immature. It is Python scriptable, including support for generating models using 3D turtle graphics.


Recent releases

  •  23 Sep 2007 09:22

    Release Notes: The player object was made Movable. A sphere/plane collision detection algorithm was added. A problem with the font loader on some X servers was fixed (this shows up as a "bad font" error, and it is the result of prematurely closing the X server connection from which the font was created). Various fixes were made to collision detection. Gravity was added (although it is still undocumented). Some debugging tools were added.

    •  11 Jun 2007 01:59

      Release Notes: Positional audio has been implemented. Support has been added for rendering of 2D graphic panes into the HUD. A textured Sphere primitive has been added. A point/Sphere collision algorithm has been added. Code has been added to allow hiding the mouse cursor from both SDL and GTK. A callback argument leak has been fixed. C++ usage fixes required by the new G++ compiler have been made. Argument type checking for generated types has been added.

      •  15 Apr 2007 07:32

        Release Notes: A collision detection framework was added. Issues with inconsistent lighting were fixed. Fixes and enhancements were made to TextPane.

        •  05 Mar 2007 01:28

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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