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13 Jan 2003 10:58 fvh

patch against 0.2.1
Ok, I updated my patch to version 0.2.1 of wtail.
And again, you can find it here.

13 Jan 2003 10:19 fvh

patch against 0.1.4
I wrote a patch against wtail-0.1.4: now key checks occur at the same time as the checks for new data in the file giving a quicker response to keypresses. Also, at the start not the whole file is being read and displayed, only the data that would (+/-) fit on the screen: VERY usefull when using on a file of a couple MB through s
ome wacky telnet-connection!
You can find it here:

Oh dear, he has released a newer version! Well, let's investigate that one too.


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