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Worldpilot is a free, open-source, Web-based, multiuser organizer and messenger. It provides an IMAP-based web mail client, contact and address books, sticky notes, "ToDos", a calendar with support for repeating events, and workgroup sharing with broadcasting and subscriptions. It is based on the Zope application server, which is supported on Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT. Provides a network based Synchronisation Framework for PDA Clients such as Palm(TM) compatible PDA devices


Recent releases

  •  15 Jul 2000 00:32

    Release Notes: Palm(TM) PDA Syncronisation Support: Includes network based synchronisation conduit for Palm(TM) compatible PDAs for Linux/Unix platforms. Palm Sync supports all basic Palm Apps: Mail, Addresses, Databook, ToDo and Notes. Webfrontend changes: file upload/download archive area Added, addressbook lookup in the mail composer , improved addressbook

    •  19 Feb 2000 03:46

      Release Notes: Initial public release.

      Recent comments

      05 Jul 2000 14:36 mart

      Found out that worldpilot doesn't like my imapd, specifically courier. The RedHat dist imapd worked fine.

      26 Jun 2000 16:46 mart

      tried to test the demo
      Everything seems to work fine until you try to read a mail message body. Then it complains about Unknown Content-transfer-encoding passed up from for just about everything, including such favorites as "7bit" and "8bit".

      I sent mail to the developer, and have heard no response yet, nor can I find any kind of documentation at their site or in the dist. I tried upgrading the python libs that came with the dist to 1.6 devel, to no avail.

      It's a shame, most of the package looks really pretty.


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