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Sear is a 3D client for networked roleplaying games based on WorldForge protocols and technology. Built using a custom 3D engine using OpenGL, it features cal3d character animation, an advanced skydome, Mercator-based terrain, and support for a variety of model formats.


Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2007 07:38

    Release Notes: Clothing appearance is now based on clothing entities. Rendering of static objects has been speeded up. Weather effects have been improved. Selection of objects when many are visible at once has been improved. Media is searched for in multiple locations, allowing a read-only area and an update area to be used. Guichan 0.5.0 is now required, and numerous improvements have been made to the GUI. A new Sear file format for static 3-D objects has been added.

    •  28 Jun 2006 06:15

      Release Notes: Support for tasks has been added to the user interface. Config options have been added to 3ds and md3 loaders to automatically resize objects. The ability to use texture transforms to fix some 3ds rendering problems has been added. Many improvements made to the GUI. Basic weather rendering has been added. Sear now requires the latest Eris 1.3.11 API. Long standing rotation and positioning bugs have been fixed. Bugs allowing leaving the world and re-entering without crashing sear have been fixed. Many other minor bugfixes and improvements were made.

      •  07 Feb 2006 01:37

        Release Notes: This release brings many improvements to the GUI components. The character creation dialog now has a list of playable character types, which fixes one of major issues with the previous release. Speech bubbles have been added to improve dialog with other players and NPCs, and there is also a basic help system. Other GUI components allow adjusting key bindings and video modes. Two new console commands have been added: /me for emotes and /eat (added to the inventory dialog) to nourish a character.

        •  30 Nov 2005 09:59

          Release Notes: A GUI has been implemented for connecting, logging in, and character selection. The console now has full history and commandline editing. Entities are now positioned and oriented correctly. Many performance improvements were made to the rendering engine, including use of the VBO OpenGL extension. Character animations have been updated, and are handled better. Md3 models are now supported by using libmodelfile. First person camera view has been added. Support for new terrain features has been implemented. Tools have been implemented, including wielding and using tools.

          •  23 Jul 2004 01:43

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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