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22 Sep 2009 11:45 WBdesign

I use WP as a base for ecommerce websites / blogs for my clients.
Great script!

08 Jan 2006 16:41 honewatson

Re: My dreams came true
Wordpress 2.0 has some great Ajax features. Its got a lot of potential. TinyMCE still does some weird things to the code though.

10 Mar 2005 10:55 namxam

outdated info
i don't know why this page hasn't been updated recently, but WordPress is still under development and the current version is 1.5

So if you wanna have a nice and easy weblog, just head over to their website and enjoy...

12 Jan 2004 08:28 presroi

My dreams came true
I was using the b2 engine for some minor things and got excited when I moved over to wordpress. This project sums up all things that matter to me: GPL, "beautiful" url-rewrite support, style. Best of all, it behaves incredible nice.

(disclaimer: I do only the announcing stuff since /wordpress on was missing. I am not a member of the wordpress team nor did I contribute code. I wasn't paid for these words :) )


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