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WordPress is a state-of-the-art, semantic, personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, Web standards, and usability. It was born out of a desire for an elegant, well-architected personal publishing system. While primarily geared towards functioning as a Weblog, WordPress is also a flexible CMS capable of managing many types of Web sites. In addition to the basic blog functions, it also has an integrated link manager, categories, tags, custom taxonomies, file attachments, XFN support, support for stand-alone pages, Atom and RSS feeds for both content and comments, blogging API support (Atom Publishing Protocol, Blogger, MetaWeblog, and Movable Type APIs), spam blocking features, advanced cruft-free URL generation, a flexible theme system, and an advanced plugin API.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  15 May 2013 17:06

    Release Notes: There have been more updates to the Post Formats UI, including image drag-and-drop support for the Image format. There is now oEmbed support for Rdio and Spotify, a more polished Post Revisions display, and improvements to the new TwentyThirteen theme.

    •  08 May 2013 02:10

      Release Notes: There were many bugfixes between Beta1 and Beta2, but the biggest change was a new approach to the Post Formats UI, which has done well in user testing.

      •  05 Apr 2013 17:53

        Release Notes: New features include but are not limited to a new UI for Post Formats, Twenty-Thirteen, an opinionated, colorful, blogging theme, improved audio/video embedding without needing to rely on a third-party service, auto-save that uses browser local storage to keep your edits even if your server or browser crash, post-locking that improves post editing when more than one person needs to edit the same post, improvements to the Nav Menu user interface, and a new revisions feature for comparing edit histories.

        •  01 Feb 2013 14:52

          Release Notes: This is a maintenance and security update.

          •  11 Dec 2012 17:00

            Release Notes: This release has a completely new Media Library manager, easier-than-ever image galleries, and a new mobile-first, responsive theme named TwentyTwelve. There are also improvements to multi-site functionality, a retina-ready admin, and many new-and-improved API changes for developers.

            Recent comments

            22 Sep 2009 11:45 WBdesign

            I use WP as a base for ecommerce websites / blogs for my clients.
            Great script!

            08 Jan 2006 16:41 honewatson

            Re: My dreams came true
            Wordpress 2.0 has some great Ajax features. Its got a lot of potential. TinyMCE still does some weird things to the code though.

            10 Mar 2005 10:55 namxam

            outdated info
            i don't know why this page hasn't been updated recently, but WordPress is still under development and the current version is 1.5

            So if you wanna have a nice and easy weblog, just head over to their website and enjoy...

            12 Jan 2004 08:28 presroi

            My dreams came true
            I was using the b2 engine for some minor things and got excited when I moved over to wordpress. This project sums up all things that matter to me: GPL, "beautiful" url-rewrite support, style. Best of all, it behaves incredible nice.

            (disclaimer: I do only the announcing stuff since /wordpress on was missing. I am not a member of the wordpress team nor did I contribute code. I wasn't paid for these words :) )


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