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wmxkb shows and controls XKB groups (XFree86 key maps). It can be used as a dockable/swallowed applet with Window Maker, BlackBox and clones (fluxbox, pwm, etc), or any window manager that supports swallowing, including Afterstep, GNOME 1, kwm 1 (KDE), fvwm, and clones. It can also be run in a normal window with any window manager. wmxkb gets group names and codes straight from XKB, features individual font and colour settings for each key group, assigns additional keys for switching groups,or setting a particular group, and can bind a shell script to run whenever a particular group is activated.

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Recent releases

  •  18 Jun 2004 02:32

    Release Notes: Problems with image selection with the flexy group were fixed. The program no longer crashes if too many groups are defined. The RPM installation script was fixed.

    •  02 Nov 2003 16:38

      Release Notes: Docking with Blackbox and clones (including Fluxbox) is now supported. An option to set the icon name to the name of the current keymap was added, allowing Fluxbox users to show the keymap name in the toolbar.


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