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14 Feb 2002 05:41 mystran

somebody need some patches ?
If somebody need some patches for wmx-6 to provide gnome
support or some other little extra features.. drop a mail, and I'll see what I can do.. or come to #wmx at IrcNet..

my resync of henri's (see wmx site) gnome patch is still experimental so I won't distribute it public yet.. but in case somebody want's to test.. it's probably not enough to make wmx a wm for gnome but it sure makes some apps to behave better..

12 Nov 2000 09:46 dirkbusse

Great for old pc
This prog is great: Just 1,2 MB memory-usage, simple navigation and all the basics you need. In addition to coolicon with some really cool icons ;-) you get a fast desktop-environment. You can even use some gtk-apps since you saved memory. I use it though I got a fast computer since it looks nice if you use black and white colors. Give it a whirl ...


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