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wmweather+ will download the National Weather Serivce METAR bulletins, ANV, ETA, and MRF forecasts, and any weather map for display in a WindowMaker dockapp. It includes forecasts, a weather map, and a sky condition display.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Oct 2003 21:56

    Release Notes: The options -display-mode and -forget-warning-zones have been added. A PID has been added to downloaded filenames so that multiple instances will not stomp on each other. This release no longer depends on SysV's timezone global, so BSD will have less trouble.

    •  23 Mar 2003 01:11

      Release Notes: There are many bugfixes, some documentation cleanups, and a mktime replacement.

      •  28 Jan 2003 18:32

        Release Notes: A compiler warning has been fixed. The Debian directory has been removed at the request of the Debian maintainer; if you want those files, they are available at Documentation of the useless -geometry option has been removed. A crash on right-click when no warning zone was given has been fixed.

        •  30 Sep 2002 20:29

          Release Notes: The 'malformed location' error message is more clear. A stupid crash in forecast.c has been fixed (it didn't wrap properly when iterating over an array). is_forecast_current has been fixed (mktime wants a 0-based month).

          •  22 Sep 2002 23:34

            Release Notes: All URIs can now be changed via command line/config file options. ETA forecasts have been added. These are mixed in with the AVN forecasts in the rotation, sorted by time. When not animating, the percent chance cutoff can be adjusted using the mouse wheel (as mapped to buttons 4 and 5). All forecast and warning options are optional. There is support for POST for the radar image, support for system-wide configurations, and lots of code cleanups.


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