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wmpower is a Window Maker dock application allowing the user to graphically see (and set) the power management status of his laptop. It works with both APM and ACPI enabled kernels.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Nov 2008 15:11

    Release Notes: New command line arguments were added to be able to force wmpower to use specified values for minimum and maximum brightness. Some more checks were added to prevent segfaults on rare occasions. Support for lin-seti was removed, since the original Seti@Home project has shut down its activities. Linker arguments were fixed to prevent problems compiling with -as-needed.

    •  22 Jul 2005 12:32

      Release Notes: A memory allocation issue that on rare occasions could make wmpower crash was fixed, as well as a problem that made wmpower print forever that it would not fast charge the battery as it was already at maximum capacity. When calculating battery time and battery is charging, wmpower now displays the time remaining until the battery is fully charged instead of how much time would be left if the system was running on battery power.

      •  25 Feb 2005 11:40

        Release Notes: This version fixes a bug that made the program crash on startup when checking for cpufreq support, if support wasn't available.

        •  23 Feb 2005 12:23

          Release Notes: This release adds an option to redirect wmpower output to the system logger. It adds support for CPU frequency scaling. It now calculates the battery time directly if it fails to get it from other means. It adds a small fix to make it compile on PPC hardware, and a '-geometry' command line argument. It no longer allows manual PM status changes (i.e. actions triggered by wheel mouse up/down, button clicks) when in 'mo_meddling' mode, and fixes a battery (mis)ordering issue. Finally, it adds support for any number of fans under generic ACPI.

          •  19 Mar 2004 04:48

            Release Notes: New machine IDs were added. Files in /proc are now scanned instead of relying on internal lists. The battery detection code was fixed, and batteries are now presented in the correct order. Some functions were reworked to be less resource intensive. When using ACPI, the time remaining to a full battery charge is now correctly displayed, and the battery symbol is no longer shown as critical (blinking) if it is charging. A -w option for specifying a command to execute when the remaining time falls below a threshold and a -W option for specifying the threshold in minutes were added.


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