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23 Feb 2003 10:53 meem

Re: rgb color support?
1.3 has been released with this feature.


17 Feb 2003 22:39 meem

Re: rgb color support?
Sorry for the delay in getting back to folks.

Check the latest 1.3 beta (which I just released); it has this support. If all goes well, the actual release will be out in a week or so.

04 Jan 2003 10:31 jzs9783

rgb color support?
The other dockapps that look similar (wmcpuload, wmmemload, etc) all have support to change the backlight color to any rgb value. Do you plan to add this feature?

12 Dec 2002 11:56 meem

Re: xpm.h
Henry Fok has verified the fix; I'm releasing 1.2 to address this issue. Note that there are no new features in 1.2, just build-related bugfixes.

11 Dec 2002 23:17 meem

Re: xpm.h
Good news -- I believe I've found the source of the problem: bad interaction between autoconf 2.13 and gcc 3.0.

I've put together a tarball for testing, available from I'd appreciate it if someone could confirm that it fixes the problem.


11 Dec 2002 20:58 meem

Re: xpm.h
Other folks have reported similar problems, and I'm looking into it. If someone could offer me a temporary account on a configuration that experiences this problem, it would be very helpful.


11 Dec 2002 14:47 KiL

when I attemp to make a ./configure with my mandrake 9.0, the xpm.h file was not found...

but I have this in /usr/include/X11 and in /usr/X11R6/include/X11

why can't find it...
help me...


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