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wmnet polls network statistics and does a few things with the data it gets. It has small blinking lights for the rx and tx of ip packets, a digital speedometer of your tcp/ip stack's current speed and neatest of all, a bar graph like xload et. al which has a tx speed graph from bottom-up and rx speed graph from the top-down. The speedometer keeps track of the current speed per second and shows it in a color corresponding to which of rx or tx that has the highest speed at the moment.


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  •  10 Oct 1998 17:37

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

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    19 Mar 2003 23:09 glitch

    patch for wmnet 1.06 upstream graphing bug
    I wrote a patch to fix the bug in wmnet 1.06 that causes upstream graphing to stop after a while. The wmnet maintainer hasn't applied it to the main source tree yet, so I'm making it available here ( I hope somebody finds it useful.


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