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20 Feb 2004 13:00 tlundqvist

Patch to solve balance problem
Hello! I like and use the wmix-program. Thank you for a great program!

Recently I stumbled upon a strange bug. When balance is set slightly towards left or right, it will slowly creep away when adjusting the volume thereafter.

The problem seems to be rounding between integers and float. In mixer-oss.c this seems to have been covered by introduction of the prev_dev_lr_volume field. However, this doesn't fully solve my problem.

I added the following line at the end of the function "set_mixer_state" in file "mixer-oss.c":

mixer[cur_channel].prev_dev_lr_volume = dev_lr_volume;

This can maybe help someone else experiencing the same bug (I don't know if this line will cause some major havoc in other places)...


25 Jun 2000 14:55 gentas

Bad Makefile
The Makefile has problems.
"-L/usr/X11/lib" should be changed to "-L/usr/X11R6/lib";
"-lX11" ...I think it could be removed, because it doesn't find right dir and removing makes no problems on compiling;
"ginstall" in make install should be changed to "install".


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