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WMI - Window Manager Improved

WMI is a lightweight window manager for X11 which attempts to combine the best features of larswm, ion, evilwm, and ratpoison into one window manager. It supports both the conventional way of managing windows in a overlapping manner and the screen-alike way of managing windows in a non-overlapping fashion.

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Recent releases

  •  27 Nov 2009 19:09

    Release Notes: A maintenance release to compile with recent g++.

    Recent comments

    30 Jun 2005 16:44 garbeam

    WMI is obsolete
    Please note that wmi is obsolete, we moved forward to the next generation of wmi, called wmii, which has much more potential and better concepts than wmi.

    If you subscribed to wmi, you're encouraged to subscribe to as well.



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