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WMBiff is a dockapp which can display the status of up to 5 mailboxes. It supports mbox, maildir, POP3, APOP, IMAP and IMAPS mailboxes, as well as Licq history files.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  03 Sep 2003 02:27

    Release Notes: Users can now store passwords in the Apple Keychain if running on OS X. There is an important bugfix to an endless loop in TLS handling. It is recommended that 0.4.16 users upgrade.

    •  04 Apr 2003 21:24

      Release Notes: This version adds the ability to set the background color using -bg, will frobnicate internally stored passwords in memory (see memfrob(3)), and is paranoid about making sure passwords aren't leaked into hostnames when misconfigured. Recent releases have fixed portability to OS X, Solaris, and BSD, allowed wmbiff to be restarted on ctrl-shift-click. A slow file descriptor leak has been fixed.

      •  31 Dec 2002 21:58

        Release Notes: This release includes a script to check for Debian security updates, signaling when updates to installed packages are available on

        •  13 Dec 2002 11:33

          Release Notes: This release adds the 'globalnotify' option: when there's new mail in any mailbox, it invokes a single command instead of one per mailbox. The new -skip-certificate-check command line option is for daredevils who are content to use TLS with servers that have bad certificates.

          •  02 Dec 2002 09:53

            Release Notes: WMBiff now checks the remote server's TLS certificate against its hostname. It also supports the openbox "slit" by scaling to the number of configured mailboxes: occupying less space if the user only has a few mailboxes, while scaling to a larger window if they have more than five.


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