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Wireless Tools/Howto

The Wireless Tools/HowTo provides a set of generic tools that can help you set up and monitor Wireless LAN devices through the Wireless Extension interface. This interface is available only under Linux 2.0.x and higher, and supports both pre-802.11 features and 802.11-compliant features. It is accompanied by the Linux Wireless LAN HowTo, which includes all the information you need to set up any Wireless LAN under Linux.


Recent releases

  •  20 Aug 2002 21:09

    Release Notes: Support for Wireless Extensions v15 has been added. Dozens of various minor bugfixes have been made since the last release.

    •  06 Aug 2002 08:19

      Release Notes: This version fixes a bug that prevented disabling encryption and setting authentication, and changes the way tools enumerate wireless interfaces (they no longer list interfaces not supporting /proc/net/wireless, and list interfaces which are down). There is now wireless event and scanning support (Wireless Extensions v14), support for iwconfig ethX ap auto/any/off, man pages for iwevent and iwgetid, improved system header definitions, a more complete libiw, and cleanups.

      •  20 Nov 2001 04:19

        Release Notes: An update to Wireless Extension 12, availablity of most basic functions of the tools as a library (libiw), iwspy shows average quality of the link, and a fix for possible buffer overflows.

        •  05 Apr 2001 07:07

          Release Notes: This release adds a better Makefile and better documentation (explaining wireless.opts), splits iwspy into iwspy and iwlist, checks whether the Wireless Extension versions match, updates the package to Wireless Extension v11 (TxPower, Retry), adds a FAQ, and updates the Linux Wireless LAN HowTo with information on new drivers.

          •  19 Feb 2000 01:23

            Release Notes: Compatibility with the latest kernels & drivers, mode of operation (ad-hoc/managed), encryption settings, power saving settings, and more.


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