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WildMidi is a wave table player that uses Gus Pat sound sets to play MIDI files. It is capable of multi-threading and multi-processing of MIDI files, allowing for the mixing of multiple MIDI files at any one time.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Mar 2014 16:11

    Release Notes: Greatly reduces the heap usage (was a regression introduced in 0.2.3). OpenAL support: fixes audio output on big-endian systems; fixed audio skips at song start. OSS support: no longer uses mmap mode for better compatibility, which gains it NetBSD and OpenBSD support. Works around an invalid memory read found by valgrind when playing Beethoven's Fur Elise.rmi at 44100 Hz using the old MIDIA patch-set from 1994. Build fixes for MSVC. Revised visibility attributes usage.

    •  08 Dec 2011 19:34

      Release Notes: This release fixes various build issues, cleans up internal MIDI storage, fixes missing config.h includes, fixes a critical error with sysex parsing, adds multiple drum track support via sysex event, adds total_midi_time in the WildMidi_GetInfo structure to return the total time stated by the MIDI, fixes approx_total_samples to more accurately display the expected playing time, fixes samples per delta calculations, and adds WM_MO_WHOLETEMPO and WM_MO_ROUNDTEMPO to WildMidi_Init.

      •  30 Jul 2010 06:11

        Release Notes: This is a critical release that fixes a bug that could cause the library to continue processing well beyond the end of the MIDI data. Also, the long-awaited Win32 builds are available via a zip file. The zip contains the licenses, player, the dll, and text versions of the manpages. Other changes in this release include a tidy up of the way the player displays information, and a new internal error function for more detailed error reporting.

        •  10 Jul 2010 09:16

          Release Notes: An OSS compilation bug was fixed. A work-around was added for samples edited with non-standard software. Options for controlling the amplification of samples were added. The reverb engine was tuned.

          •  08 Jul 2010 02:01

            Release Notes: The license was changed to GPL/LGPLv3. Patches from Debian/Ubuntu were applied. Valgrind errors were fixed. The internal MIDI format was changed for better handling. Optional reverb was added to the final output. Some code was split out for easier maintainability. Full documentation was written for the API, client, and configuration file. The FastSeek API was added. The LoadSamples API was removed. The Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License is used for manpages. Library versioning was added to the file name. More warning options were added to the compile line. Warnings were fixed. The default configuration was switched over to wildmidi.cfg. Various other fixes were made.


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