All releases of WiKID Two-Factor Authentication System

Release Notes: This release adds an init script in /opt/WiKID/cont/templates.

Release Notes: This release makes radius return non-string attribute values when appropriate.

  •  13 Sep 2011 13:58

    Release Notes: Fixes an issue with the Web start software token on the Mac If you use Properties.get(key) for key="" you get null. If you use Properties.getProperty(key) you get 'Mac OS X'.

    Release Notes: Minor updates were done. An empty /etc/WIKID/security file is included. You can enter your passphrase there for an automatically starting setup.

    Release Notes: Updates to the API. Updated example.jsp documentation. A fix for an issue where a null values were converted to a string literal "null". Throws an IllegalArgumentException if you try to set the userid to null.

    Release Notes: API calling was updated to allow for overriding an existing pre-registration call. An issue where a null group name is converted to a string literal "null" was fixed. The example.jsp documentation was updated for changes. Minor bugs were fixed.

    •  15 Jul 2011 13:47

      Release Notes: This code allows you to add two-factor authentication to your PHP code. You can register users into groups. The ability to create pre-registration codes via the wClient API has been added.

      •  12 Jul 2011 14:40

        Release Notes: This package allows you to add WiKID two-factor authentication to Windows applications. Minor updates were made for the latest MS applications.

        Release Notes: LDAP fixes. Tested via ldapsearch and mod-auth-ldap in Apache.

        Release Notes: This release disables domain caching, has correct OSS/enterprise bracketing, and adds the ability to create pre-registration codes via the wClient API (see example.jsp). Updated .debs, RPMs, and an ISO are available.


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