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WIDZ (Wireless Intrusion Detection System) is an IDS for 802.11. It guards APs and monitors local frequencies for potentially malevolent activity. It can detect scans, association floods, and bogus APs, and it can easily be intergrated with SNORT or Realsecure.


Recent releases

  •  03 Feb 2003 01:10

    Release Notes: This release has a nearly complete rewrite of probemon to use the Linux HOSTAP driver rather than Wlan-NG to allow for future features. New features include the ability to detect different types of scans, A user configurable MAC blacklist to alert on known malevolent MAC addresses, a configurable SID blacklist, and a custom script directory to process specific events.

    •  12 Nov 2002 00:01

      Release Notes: Better hardware searching and better frequency handling.


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      Project Spotlight

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