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Wiclear aims to provide a simple, small, and accessible wiki. It supports the XHTML and CSS W3C specifications. Wiclear's main features are a tree-like structure for easy organization of your content, a native translation mechanism, easy themability, and easy extensibility. Wiclear comes in with a simple install program and an admin panel. Other features includes comments, history, diffs, and editions. There are several types of users: admins, moderators, and simple users.


Recent releases

  •  19 Jul 2007 04:24

    Release Notes: Bugfixes.

    •  24 Feb 2007 05:16

      Release Notes: This version corrects a security problem in the upload tool.

      •  19 Feb 2007 04:09

        Release Notes: This version has an HTML cache, support for printing, a new plugin spam_simple_filter, 2 other TOC-related plugins, and a lot of minor enhancements (ergonomic or bug fixes).

        •  10 Nov 2006 18:46

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          •  02 Jun 2006 23:40

            Release Notes: This release adds support to ban IPs (a blacklist), by-section editing, the ability to auto-generate the table of contents for each page, and a "simple_toolbar" plugin. It extends ACLs with more rights types (read, write, comment, plugin-defined) and allows richer plugins via an extended plugin framework.


            Project Spotlight


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            Project Spotlight

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