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Wiak is a very efficient, special-purpose, usually non-interactive, extremely lightweight IPC shell that is used for building client/server "wiakapps". A variety of demonstration wiakapps are available as part of the current WIAK suite. The name WIAK stands for the "WIAK Interface für Application Kontrolle". As an inter-process communications utility, its name reflects its ability to create and control diverse wiakapps whose component parts may be written in a variety of programming languages and with an assortment of GUI toolkits.

Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2008 22:56

    Release Notes: The SystemV message queue identification logic and the FIFO naming logic have been modified in order to more logically generate unique identifiers. The --up option code previously used for forking backend server processes has been removed since an alternative internal mechanism had rendered it redundant. A bug has been fixed in that alternative mechanism that had prevented the forked process from receiving an argument list. The provided demonstration applications have been modified to work with these changes, and the documentation has been overhauled as a consequence.

    •  01 Feb 2008 18:26

      Release Notes: The --length option logic has been altered to provide the wiak user with greater control over the characters used to terminate the --send option data (e.g., newline, tab, and '\0'). The WIAKtutorial and manpage have been modified to account for the changes/additions. A hotkey-controllable "speaking" console application for mp3 recording called krecspk has been added as a new demo of wiak's control capabilities.

      •  23 Jan 2008 07:24

        Release Notes: A new family of more resource-efficient wiak shell programs has been created called the "twiaks". Unlike a full wiak, each individual twiak can handle only with one IPC mode (albeit in a more efficient package). A few variables have also been renamed in order to facilitate the future inclusion of POSIX message queues. The documentation has had a major revision to account for the new twiak family.

        •  20 Jan 2008 16:24

          Release Notes: This version includes a System V message queue IPC mode, allowing it to provide message queue functionality to other programs such as, for example, bash. It has enhanced named pipe functionality. The send data buffer size has been increased for bulk data transfer. A tutorial and a number of associated example voice-controlled aural wiakapps have been added to show how to use the new functionality.

          •  04 Jan 2008 13:11

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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