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Whitix is a modern operating system eventually aimed at the desktop market. It currently runs on x86 processors and features a fully functional desktop and graphical user interface, text editor, shell, Python, Lua C compiler, assembler, and make equivalent. Whitix is available in a live CD format for download.


Recent releases

  •  01 Mar 2009 16:13

    Release Notes: This bugfix release includes support for FAT32 in mkfatfs, textinstaller fixes, burn improvements (changes to documentation), updated ports, and fixes for large memory crashes on some PCs.

    •  06 Jan 2009 13:39

      Release Notes: New features in this release include: hard drive installation; Whitix can now be installed to a hard drive using “textinstall” and booted using GRUB. Also included are new shell features: new shell features. The Burn shell now uses color highlighting to display correct commands and parameters. Extensible tab completion is used for the new help system. Device configuration and management is much more dynamic than competing operating systems. ioctl has now disappeared from the Whitix API, to be replaced by the KeObject subsystem and ICFS.

      •  28 Apr 2008 17:28

        Release Notes: This release includes a fully featured desktop and graphical user interface (Xynth), which includes a graphical terminal. It also includes a port of the scripting language Lua and many bugfixes.

        •  28 Mar 2008 11:10

          Release Notes: This release fixes a number of issues that users had with booting and listing the contents of the device filesystem. Support for exiting threads cleanly from userspace was added. The number of consoles in the default build was increased to 7 from 1.

          •  25 Mar 2008 15:56

            Release Notes: This release includes a network stack (with local network sockets), a port of Python to the platform, and a new console, threading, and network SDK.


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