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10 Aug 2000 07:27 domini

Note about fixDos vs. whitespace
whitespace is a perl script, and will run on most machines without compiling. (perl-anabled, ofcouse)

fixDos is C source, but has a win32 executable as well. (compiler needed, ofcourse)


10 Aug 2000 07:09 domini

This program can already be found here:
It's called fixDos, and you can find it here:

It also includes CR/LF conversion util, as well as a FileName cleanup.

Common errors with DOS conversion type stuff.

It recently got an extra util upgraded: untab.c which essencially does all that whitespace does.

All these utilities have got easy, and well documented command-line parameters, and can automatically recursive directories. and optionally create backup files of changed files.

One great feature of the new untab.c util is that it can detect C "strings" and optionally NOT change any TAB characters within that.

10 Aug 2000 05:56 stesch

One thing is missing
This program needs some KDE GUI. Perhaps with themes,
transparent background, little anims, and nice sound.


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