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whitenoise is a small utility that turns your computer into an ambient random noise generator. This can be useful for relaxation, helping you get to sleep, drowning out noisy neighbors, etc. Command-line options allow the user to tweak noise characteristics and set a shutoff timer.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 Sep 2010 21:38

    Release Notes: This is a maintenance release which eliminates some potential buffer overflows and checks for errors more rigorously.

    •  13 Feb 2004 03:54

      Release Notes: This release offers the ability to read commands in realtime, to enable integration with frontends. Low-latency capability and aRts support were added, as well as automatic generation of frequency response plots.

      •  09 Jan 2004 04:30

        Release Notes: This release includes an option to set the sound card samplerate. In addition, a bug that prevented sound from being properly generated on certain hardware was corrected.

        •  09 Apr 2002 08:57

          Release Notes: A fadeout option and a choice of five different noise filter models were added.

          •  03 Apr 2001 17:16

            No changes have been submitted for this release.

            Recent comments

            05 Jan 2007 16:59 fallen_tortoise

            Highpass filter?

            I was hoping for something more like the sound of sand being spun around in a turning tin can. I find the low pass a little disturbing and bombastic. Is there a possible high-pass or middle-pass filter in the works?

            04 Mar 2006 09:07 OvertOperative

            This completely drowned out my noisy suitemates, thanks so much. Also, thanks to senda for the good preset.

            04 Sep 2005 03:50 kodgehopper

            Re: Private Jet
            I'd have to agree, an excellent setting. Thanks very much for the posting.

            18 May 2005 20:05 menteco

            Private Jet
            My favorite setting so far is "whitenoise -F 4 -c 0.1 -r 11025"; this feels like you are in the cozy seat of your private jet, well high above the messy world :)

            03 May 2004 19:01 pelzlpj

            Re: Thank you

            > I listen to this whitenoise every night

            > to help myself sleep. Thanks for the

            > extra energy I've had over the past

            > month. One thing that would be nice

            > though is a native Windows port because

            > I always have to reboot into Linux each

            > night.

            Thanks for the comment.

            I probably won't take responsibility for a native Windows port myself, but if another developer wants to take on the task then I would be happy to help out as I can.

            In the past, users have reported that whitenoise works fine under Cygwin (; you might want to give that a try.


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