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10 Dec 2002 06:48 VF

Re: Multiple user directories
I plan add capability to save files to Novell Netware servers. For that I shall make script, what allow changing directory for each user to save downloaded files in Novell server. This setting can be change and for directories in Linux server. One problem: Web server and scripts works how user "nobody" and can't write files to directory of other users without permission 777. Do you know solution of this problem except change permission or use SUID bit?

30 Nov 2002 07:23 auricomd

Multiple user directories
Great project, this really helps when being an off campus student, who has access to a server at school with a highspeed WAN, but a slow dialup connection at the house. After upgrading to wget 1.8.2 I was able to get rid of the "Error of Wget Starting". Just wondering if there were any plans to add the ability to specifiy where files are downloaded depending on which user logs in, maybe this could be put in info.cgi?


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