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The Battle for Wesnoth

The Battle for Wesnoth is a turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  11 Jul 2009 05:00

    Release Notes: An issue with the network code and large content was fixed along with some small bugs. Translations were updated.

    •  13 Apr 2009 13:07

      Release Notes: This release has a new mainline campaign, with new gameplay features including the ability to use the game AI as your commander for an allied side, setting its objectives as you like. Many mainline campaigns have improved storyline prose and new cutscenes or epilogues. The game graphics have been improved with a whole new range of unit portraits. Many more units have full animations and team coloring. The map editor was greatly improved. There are some new core units available everywhere.

      •  09 Mar 2008 00:01

        Release Notes: This version contains seven new mainline campaigns, a redesigned user interface, a variety of high-quality new game music, and a refresh of the game artwork, including improved portrait images for many unit types. For designers, the map editor and WML have been enhanced to significantly increase your creative options in writing scenarios. Over 300 individual bugs were resolved during the 1.3 development period, and several new tools were introduced that prevent entire classes of bugs by sanity-checking the game's data files.

        •  03 Aug 2007 12:53

          Release Notes: In addition to the usual translation updates, this update to the stable branch includes fixes for the localized random generator for names and traits, build compliance with gcc 4.3, and some small minor improvements for multiplayer games.

          •  24 Jul 2007 12:55

            Release Notes: Fixes were made in the campaign called "Under the Burning Sun". Loads of translation updates were done.

            Recent comments

            28 Feb 2009 02:04 Zen_Clark

            Much improvement.
            This is a great game with a very active and dedicated community. The campaigns are good, the multiplayer is fun, and the art is every improving.

            The XML-like language used to extent the game is so simple that making campains and scenarios with any kind of complexity is relativly effortless with very little needed to learn.

            The different and unique factions provoide a great variety to the game and tons of replayability. The strategy used varies enough that every map and every combination of teams and options gives a refreshing and new experience with each game, while still allowing you to learn and improve from your past matches and mistakes.

            A highly recommended game for anyone that likes games and puzzles with real strategy to them instead of just reflexes and muscle memory. It really is a smart game for a smart person.

            29 Dec 2006 00:44 JuppZupp

            Re: Compiling source

            > I installed the SDL binary and am trying

            > to compile

            > wesnoth, but keep getting the following

            > during

            > configure:


            > configure: error: *** SDL not found! Get

            > SDL from


            > If you already installed it, check it's

            > in the path. If

            > problem remains,

            > please send a mail to the address that

            > appears in ./

            > configure --version

            > indicating your platform, the version of

            > configure script

            > and the problem.



            > I've added the Headers directories to my

            > PATH and the

            > framework directories to my

            > DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, but

            > i'm clearly doing something wrong .. any

            > tips?


            do you meanwhile have a solution? I have the same problem... Even worth, where and how do I set the PATH?

            02 Jun 2006 08:26 atomopawn

            Excellent Game
            Wesnoth is one of the very top strategy games available for open source platforms. Even my wife enjoys playing it on her Mac! It is turn-based, rather than real-time, but has a very sophisticated combat system and a very impressive storyline. It is very playable and has pretty cool graphics.

            Some minor issues: In single player campaigns, if you mess up, it can be very difficult to correct your mistake. In fact, it can often be difficult to know you've made a mistake until you get two or three levels further into the campagin and suddenly don't have enough advanced units to take out the enemy. It would be nice if it was easier to recover from an error somehow (perhaps by allowing the player to choose to play a randomly generated, but relatively easy single player scenario repeatedly before advancing to the next official scenario?). Also, the development version performs MUCH better than the stable version on my wife's Mac for some reason. Both run much slower than the Linux version.

            Overall, an execellent game with a truly novel engine, storyline, and soundtrack.

            15 Jun 2005 00:07 neoFUTUR

            The bast game ever
            try it you will love

            better than chess

            19 Jan 2005 02:06 0mess0

            A little pause when leaving the game in windowed mode

            It would be nice to have an option of pausing the scrolling of the battlefield, when the cursor is moving to the edge of the game in windowed mode. This would be useful in windowed mode mainly, when the mouse pointer is leaving the game window. Now the game starts to scroll until the edge of the field. If there would be a boolean option to wait (or not) 500ms, when the mouse pointer is on the edge of the window, on leaving the game window (in X e.g.) the game would not scroll to the edge of the battlefield.

            I just thought you might like this.

            Very nice word, thank You.


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