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WebVCR+ is a Web frontend to record your TV shows from, which has a TV Guide-like interface. You can record your shows to many different formats, and convert them during the idle time your computer isn't recording. You can also add favorites and manage your video library through the Web interface. Listings can be specified in XMLTV format, or grabbed from advalvas/eurotv. You can also easily add different commandline video recorders.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Dec 2002 21:12

    Release Notes: Specialized favorites have been added, which allow you to specify the channel, time, day of the week or any combination of the three to record. There is also mencoder support, icons for the stations, support for the newest version of XMLTV, and several bugfixes to the "Now on TV" page and configuation options.

    •  17 Oct 2002 07:09

      Release Notes: This version adds searching by keywords, categories, and channels, makes the number of days of listings that appears on the main page configurable, and fixes the INSTALL_DIR bug.

      •  02 Sep 2002 01:36

        Release Notes: This version mainly cleans up alot of legacy code and simplifies the install process greatly. Also, the command line recorder can be specified from the Web interface now, so adding your own video recorder is easier than ever. The program doesnt support listings from anywhere but xmltv now, so you dont have to configure that or update the channel list anymore. The crontab stuff is also automatic. Those of you currently using the program may not notice many differences, but those new to it will appreciate the new installer.

        •  24 Aug 2002 02:54

          Release Notes: Favorite Priorities was added, which allows you to set priorities to your favorite programs. The logo was changed, and several bugs were fixed.

          •  09 Aug 2002 21:02

            Release Notes: This release fixes several bugs with recording, the lockfile, and the +time to the start and end of the program. Updating the listings no longer schedules conflicting programs. The same episode of a program will only be scheduled to be recorded once, instead of being recorded every time. Improved Video Library management lets you browse subdirectories.


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