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10 Nov 2005 06:39 neoFUTUR

Great tool
Great tool, clean and secure code, acls, https, easy to develop your own module . . .

Nearly a dream combined with ssh admin for most basic things.

11 Dec 2003 01:04 nurikabe

I used to hate configuring servers through a GUI...
But now I am a Webmin addict.

17 Aug 2003 20:53 bigdog

Re: Great Program ( works for me.

17 Aug 2003 19:29 Stuarthu

Re: Great Program

> This truely is a great program.. Works
> great to admin my machine remotely w/o
> being able to use telnet.

Where can I download it? It's homepage can not be displayed.

17 Aug 2003 06:16 salukisaluki

He's right. This program is a MUST HAVE!

20 Jun 2002 21:27 arlenecc

a nice software!!!
It's a great software!!!!but why I cann`t download it for such a long time??I cann`t get webmin 0.98,
so I have to use webmin 0.92 instead,why?I hope I can download the latest vertion as soon as possabile!!!

19 Oct 2001 11:49 sebisor

Re: Slackware 8 support?

> Any ideas when webmin will be supporting
> slackware 8?

The version that I am using 0.8.8 it does support Slackware 8.0! And BTW, this is so cool!
Nice work! I am really impressed!

16 Sep 2001 20:51 zanywells

Webmin works on the Zeus Web Server!
If you prefer to run Webmin on your own web server, there are details on how to do it with Zeus here:

Of course, Webmin is faster this way - and you get an easier way to use SSL implementation too (imho absolutely necessary with something like Webmin).

06 Sep 2001 01:27 cowboyfromhell

Re: Slackware 8 support?
that would be nice. but it works very good though

> Any ideas when webmin will be supporting
> slackware 8?

02 Aug 2001 10:30 jayatstayfree

Slackware 8 support?
Any ideas when webmin will be supporting slackware 8?


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