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WebMake is a simple Web site management system, allowing an entire site to be created from an optional set of text and markup files and one WebMake file. It requires no dynamic scripting capabilities on the server, and can be run entirely offline. It allows the separation of responsibilities between content editors, page designers, and the site architect. Only the site architect needs to edit the WebMake file itself, or know Perl or WebMake code. Perl scripts can be embedded and executed to build pages. Automatic dependency tracking means that pages will not be rebuilt unless necessary. Metadata support means that indexes etc. can be built automatically.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Mar 2003 05:32

    Release Notes: In this release, the HTML cleaner now cleans XML and RDF data, the thumbnail tag supports single-quotes in filenames, a bug where the HTML cleaner was adding extra whitespace between textarea tags and messing up pre areas was fixed, the CGI UI is much improved with an HTML preview window, there are bugfixes for implicit-metadata and navigation links, contents directories can now have a template for new files in CGI, metaset tag and template-scraping were added, the ".." elimination in paths was improved, action, preproc, and lang tags were added, contents can now be loaded via HTTP, and XSL and RSSbox plugins were added.

    •  01 Oct 2001 10:14

      Release Notes: 'Concepts' documentation has been added, along with a wmview.cgi (a single-page-viewer CGI script to allow viewing WebMake output without having to pregenerate it), parameterised references (e.g. ${template: body=foo}), a thumbnail tag to support image galleries, and a 'skip' attribute for data sources. Media files now pick up implicit titles from their filenames, and data sources can now pick up metadata from metatable files within the directory tree. Some bugs have been fixed.

      •  25 Jun 2001 21:34

        Release Notes: Some pretty serious bugs in the CGI code which were stopping it from saving changes under some circumstances have been fixed. The UI for the Edit CGI page has changed a little, and a a "Download Raw File" button has been added. Support for ; as a CGI param separator has been added. The basic explanation of WebMake has been rewritten, and has quite a lot of new documentation. Hopefully the learning curve will be a little shallower now. A serious metadata bug has been fixed, as well as bugs in the CVS HOWTO doc.

        •  08 Jun 2001 16:58

          Release Notes: Edit-in-browser functionality has been added. This allows users to log in and edit a WebMake site, then commit their changes to CVS. A demonstration script called "wmblog" was added, which accepts mail messages on stdin and adds them to a Web-log site. Pretty-printing of HTML was added in the form of indentation support in the HTML cleaner. This also warns about unbalanced tags. A new WebMake tag, called "template" was added. This tag is identical to "content map=false", but it makes the semantic differences between page-template content and text content clearer. The POD support was modified to fix the output from Pod::Html so that its HTML tags balance correctly. Perl 5.6 support was fixed.

          •  21 Mar 2001 17:46

            Release Notes: Tag-definition support was added, similar to JSP's taglibs or Roxen user-defined tags. A guide for first-time WebMake users was added.


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